25 Settembre 2021

DanceMe: I am into it…you?

Everybody on www.danceme.org!
You just need to login to be part of the creative process shared by artist Maruska Ronchi.
Your comments will help shape a live performance. Don’t miss this chance!

#DanceMe #ShareCulture

DanceMe is moving!

DanceMe third edition has kicked off!

Go to www.danceme.org and join artist Maruska Ronchi by posting creative comments (photos, videos, music, text) that will help shape her live performance.
Login and play!

DanceMe, wanna jump?

DanceMe third edition has started. Login and join the creative process!

Artist Maruska Ronchi will share the making of her solo on danceme.org: give her suggestions and feedbacks in the form of photos, videos, music, text. The live performance developed with your comments is scheduled on July 2nd in Faenza (Italy).

#DanceMe #ShareCulture