20 Maggio 2024

Music in Progress

“Music in progress” project involves 4 partner organizations from 4 European Union member states: United Kingdom, France, Belgium and Italy.

All organizations deliver music-based educational programmes to a range of participants including those who are socially, economically or physically disadvantaged.

The goals of the project will be achieved by each partner organization hosting a learning seminar and a practice sharing session that all other partners will send teaching staff and/or trainee tutors to. The host organization will focus on a delivery model and activity in which they specialize and allow the visiting partners to learn about it and then engage in some practical activity delivery within the scope of participatory music education.

musicians interested in gaining skills and knowledge in delivering educational workshops to adult learners.

* to promote European collaboration in building a pedagogic tool
* to promote cultural diversity
* to improve employability for disadvantaged people
* to develop a new range of skills so that the musicians involved may find employment in EU member states other than their own.

contact: info@perypezyeurbane.org 

Music in progress








Giulio Escalona
Giulio Escalona – musician and
Massimilano Viel – professor and music composer