13 Aprile 2024

RootsMe/RADICI – Mapping Routes

#RootsMe/Radici is cultural mapping of the heritage of a community through video and the gaze and movement of an artist/performer.
The concept was created by Paola Ponti and Stefano Tedioli. All videos are produced by Perypezye Urbane.

RootsMe/Radici is not intended as scientific research nor anthropological, but as a work made of experiences, of entering into direct contact, of random intersections and connections established with people encounter after encounter. The project wants to build itself through word of mouth and sensations, collecting fragments in the form of still and moving images, tastes, gestures, memories, legends, abandons, words, movements. Reprocessing them first through the body of the dancer, and then through the visual, sound and composition intersections of video editing.
RootsMe/Radici uses the body, movement and video to provide an additional perspective on places and people, wants to dive deep into a land distilling its essence, certainly filtered through the eyes and skin of the artists, making it flow into a work that can be seen anywhere, at any distance. (Paola Ponti)

beautiful abandons

RootsMe/Radici #1: Malta-Gozo, August-September 2014

In Malta and Gozo, RootsMe/Radici was an exploration made of glare and tastings, where the study has been slow and difficult to sink, in the swirl of faces and fragments of this land loud, religious, roaring, silent, messy, beautiful, neglected, perfectly portioned, abandoned, overpopulated, decorated with votive statues and waste, and crystal clear. All videos by Paola Ponti and Stefano Tedioli.

RootsMe/Radici #2: Malta, 11 July 2015

RootsMe/Radici #3: Berlin, August 2015

Cultural Mapping: Debating Cultural Spaces and PlacesValletta (Malta), 22-23 October 2015

Paola Ponti has presented “RootsMe/Radici” during the conference “Cultural Mapping: Debating Spaces and Places” organized by the Valletta 2018 Foundation. Her speech was titled “RootsMe/Radici – Mapping routes: a possible approach to cultural mapping through an artistic process”.

RootsMe Berlin: Berlin, 9-22 May 2016

A group of Italian video artists has worked for two weeks in Berlin to produce new cultural mappings of the city

The artists involved are:
Isobel Blank
Simone Lanari

Luna Paese
Maruska Ronchi
Elisa Sbaragli


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