15 Luglio 2024

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The very first step is creating a virtual studio in DanceMe app where a dancer shows the reaharsal and the coreography. The studio is open to all users and dancers who wish to watch the creative process of the dancer focused in his/her research.

SEE WHAT’S ON NOW ON DANCEME. Sara Sguotti is investigating the post human concept in her dance research and preparing a new dance piece called It’s Hard To Be Human (2022). She’s now at K3 Dance Space in Hamburg for a residency.



Where other socials, such as Facebook or Instagram, incentivize an overload of information under the banner of sharing hyperactivity and where perception is fragmented and dispersed, DanceMe focuses the dancer and the audience on dance and relies on a deep, contemplative capacity for attention: so typical social media hyperactive ego has no avenue in this contex. DanceMe’s app allows dancers an artistic pursuit that explores the links between the choreographic sphere and the digital universe: in addition to renting a real rehearsal room, dancers activate a “virtual” rehearsal room visible in the app for free and in which dancers share clips of their choreography. So DanceMe goes beyond the image end in itself such as the selfie or a short-lived “story”: with the DanceMe app we try to make ourselves unique starting with values, because there is no innovation without sharing. The advantage of virtually sharing one’s choreography? Having one’s choreography trespassed on the app is an effective way to perfect it: it predisposes the artist to release a summary of the hours of work in the rehearsal room, provoking different reflections in each of the users who use the app. Before the theater, the virtual rehearsal room is the first meeting between the artist and the audience. In other words, in the virtual rehearsal room, dancers show the stages of their work that will later debut in the theater.

DanceMe live is the show of the dancer’s solo created in DanceMe app and which will be scheduled
within Solo in Azione festival or within the show dates arranged by the creative directors, Giuseppe Esposito and Giovanni Sabelli Fioretti.

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Below the last DanceMe 2017 edition.

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DanceMe app showed 6 dancers working in 6 studios during the 2017 year.

Migrations is the common topic of their creation and was a very special DanceMe edition.

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The 6 dancers come from different part of the world and belong to different cultures:

Elisa Sbaragli             (Italia – living in Verbania)

Daniele Ninarello        (Italia – living in Torino)

Antonio Marino           (Italia – living in Napoli)

Kat Hernandez           (Cuba – living in Berlin)

Aya Toraiwa               (Giappone – living in Berlin)

Brian Mc Neal            (USA – living in Mannheim)