15 Luglio 2024

Physical Cinema

Lutz Gregor

Physical Cinema Workshop Milano September 17 -21 2012 from Lutz Gregor on Vimeo.

In-service training: “Physical Cinema, how video can empower our training skills” 

Grundtvig Project

Educator involved: Lutz Gregor
Target: educators and other staff in educational organization
Funding:  National Agencies
Project Description: The main objective is to provide art teachers and educators with new technical and artistic insights, in order to improve their knowledge and skills in connection with the use of videocamera.

We will both address the importance of the creative expression of ideas, experiences and emotions in a range of media (video, movement, performing arts) and the development of a confident and critical use of new basic video techniques, in connection with the so called physical cinema, developed by the regisseur Lutz Gregor.

The approach of the physical cinema will be carried on together with a critical approach to the analysis of videos and artistic tendencies in nowadays video production. Through a mixed theoretical and practical approach, learners will be given informations on how to implement what they will learn in an educational context.