13 Aprile 2024

Webtvs for European Culture

WebTvs for EUropean Culture is a project supported by the Culture Programme 2007-2013 of the European Union for the development of the first European network of WebTVs dealing with culture and cultural policies. Perypezye Urbane is leading partner of the project.
It’s fostering best practices and debate within the cultural sector as well as the networking of cultural products and cultural workers, with a strong multisectorial approach. It is a participatory project: its core is to foster an active participation of the internet users. The project aims at following the recommendations given in Culture Map (a study carried out in 2010 for DG Education and Culture, mapping the European cultural web platforms) on how to enhance the use of the internet as a means of information exchange and debate at the European level on cross-sector issues in the field of culture and artistic expression.
In each country involved a cultural WebTV has been created. Moreover, we have created a new European multilingual WebTV community , with a strong 2.0 approach, where all the videos produced in each country are posted and where all internet users are given the possibility to register and upload their cultural contents (video, music, pictures, text, web application, etc.).
The project was structured around different activities, the most important of which were:
  • Creation of national WebTVs
  • Creation of a transnational 2.0 WebTV platform
  • Involvement of 24 young cultural operators as citizen journalists. They participated in:
  • 2 international workshops on Digital Cultures
  • ..and each of them created a 7 episodes format on culture, in connection with the European Year’s theme
  • A 15 episodes format on Contemporary Art has been carried on by one of the co organizers, involving contemporary art institutions in France, Belgium, Germany, Sweden and Bosnia-Herzegovina.
With the support of the Culture Programme 2007-2013 of the European Union