4 Ottobre 2023


Professional Media Presence for artists everywhere!

Professional Media Presence (PMP) project helps artists with fewer opportunities to claim their professional digital space.

The use of digital media has rapidly changed in the past few years. This means it is increasingly harder for media education to keep up and ensure that people can use and read the digital media correctly and to its fullest potential.

We do this by creating for professional artists, from all backgrounds, a safe space to learn, share, collaborate and find new opportunities. PMP invites and engages artists to online seminars, workshops and residencies and creates various tools for learning.

The Professional Media Presence project (PMP) focuses on co-creating and offering tools and opportunities for European artists, to claim their digital professional space by learning and exploring together. The project invites artists from various backgrounds to seminars, workshops, and residencies to listen and share their experiences and ideas, and to learn from not only experts, but from each other.