20 Maggio 2024

Countdown to Solo In Azione 2015

Solo in Azione Festival is back on Thursday 2 July 2015 in Faenza during WAM! Festival:
Maruska Ronchi will perform SOLO QB, a Perypezye Urbane production.

There are still a few days left to contribute to the development of the performance on the web platform www.danceme.org.

Have a look at the creative process so far and share your comments (video, music, pictures, poems, texts)!

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Keep Calm and DanceMe

What’s new on DanceMe: artist Maruska Ronchi is sharing the creative process leading to her food-themed performance on www.danceme.org.
Take a look at her cutting training and feel free to join her by posting inspiring comments!


DanceMe: the game we are playing

DanceMe means DanceWe: everyone can post creative comments on www.danceme.org to help shape a live performance.
Sharing your suggestions will make the result extraordinary because we are smarter than me!


Have you seen the latest video contribution shared by artist Maruska Ronchi? Get inspired and go post your comments.

different spaces, and different times, different dimensions

fountains, waves, rivers, wholes, refuge, streams, shapes, vulcans, whisper of water, heartbeat, rain, breathing…
…the game we are playing is life


DanceMe is DanceWe

Let’s make art together on www.danceme.org!

Each DanceMe performance is a DanceWe performance: its development is influenced by the comments left by users of the community (everybody can join). So log in and take part in the creative process: making art has never been easier!

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