13 Aprile 2024


ph Ivo Amilamaro


  • pratiche di trasformazione (lupa\o)
  • pratiche di emissione
  • pratiche di famiglia mono componente
  • pratiche di stereo
  • pratiche di allontanamento

“……Being born, giving up that unity, couldn’t have been easy.
To be born again, a re-birth: to die again, and then, finally, to live.
It is with this purpose that the entrance of the Temple, otherwise sealed, opens wide.” From Transcendent Feminist Manifesto.

Kat Hernandez, danza e migrazioni digitali

Kat Hernandez, danzatrice di origine cubana, ci racconta in 360° le sue migrazioni digitali.

Puoi guardare il video direttamente dalla nostra webtv utilizzando tutti i browser, tranne Safari, o tramite l’app YouTube. Puoi anche utilizzare degli occhiali 3D / VR come il Google-cardboard. Buon divertimento!


Aya Toraiwa – DanceMe 2017

360° video is being watched 29% more then the same video shooted in original version (source Magnifyre). For this reason today 360° videos and Virtual Reality represent the new frontier of the digital image to which more brands aim when it comes to plan ads compaigns based on immersive videeos.

In this 360° video* the dancer and choreographer Aya Toraiwa tells us something more about her experience within the DanceMe creative process. She took part in the 2017 DanceMe edition and describes her experience using three words: raw, experimental and colorful.

*you can browse the video directly from our webtv using all browser but Safari or on the Youtube app. You can also use a 3D/VR headset like the Google cardboard. Enjoy!

DanceMe – Me, You and the Web

What is DanceMe?
DanceMe is an App and it is free.

What kind of App is DanceMe?
DanceMe is a creative App to share dance videos.

What is DanceMe meant for?
DanceMe shows virtual dance studios where dancers show their rehearsals to web users.