15 Luglio 2024

The European Citizens’ Initiative for Media Pluralism

The European Initiative for Media Pluralism (EIMP) brings together organisations, media, and professional bodies from throughout Europe with the immediate purpose of running a European Citizens Initiative (ECI) demanding the implementation of an EU Directive on media pluralism. The ECI is a new tool of participatory democracy introduced from April 2012 by the Lisbon Treaty, which allows civil society coalitions to collect online and offline one million signatures in at least 7 EU member states to present directly to the European Commission a proposal forming the base of an EU Directive, initiating a legislative process.

EIMP demands a EU Directive indicating clearly:

  • An effective legislation to prevent the concentration of media ownership and control of advertising;
  • A guarantee of independence of supervisory bodies independent from political power;
  • The definition of conflict of interest in order to avoid media moguls occupying high political office;
  • A clear European monitoring systems to regularly check the health and independence of the media in the member States.
  • Guidelines and best practice of new models of publishers sustainability to guarantee the quality of journalism and in support of those who work within the sector.

Click to learn more. Until 18 August 2014 23:59 you can sign to protect media freedom and join a formal bottom-up democracy excercise.

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