25 Giugno 2022

Paola Ponti presents RootsMe/Radici at Valletta2018 Cultural Mapping Conference

Paola Ponti has represented Perypezye Urbane during the conference “Cultural Mapping: Debating Spaces and Places” organized by the Valletta 2018 Foundation, in which she presented our project “RootsMe/Radici“. Her speech was titled “RootsMe/Radici – Mapping routes: a possible approach to cultural mapping through an artistic process”

RootsMe/Radici, born as a project exploring the topic of how the environment affects the body, revealed itself as a possible tool for cultural mapping. Paola spent one month in Malta and one month in Gozo with arborist Stefano Tedioli, moving around only on foot or by bicycle in order not to have an impact on the environment and to get closer to people. Their research did not have a scientific or anthropological purpose, but was born out of a desire to encounter people. Adopting a nomadic approach, they observed the relationships between people’s body shape and nature, food and houses, hands and crafts, feet and paths. As a performer, Paola used her body as a bridge to re-elaborate all the encounters and express through movements what she had experienced.

Paola Ponti in rappresentanza di Perypezye Urbane ha partecipato alla conferenza organizzata dalla Valletta 2018 Foundation, presentando il progetto RootsMe/Radici come possibile approccio artistico al “cultural mapping”. Questo è il suo intervento: buona visione!


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