16 Aprile 2024

RootsMe Berlin: Osmosis

A thin membrane is the one which separates man from the place he lives in.
A constant interchange occurs between an individual and the city he inhabits.
Is it man to give identity to the environment in which he breathes or is it the contrary?
‘Osmosis’ talks about the spontaneous and continuous exchange in which human beings and places mutually define themselves. Their being liquid and mutable makes the poetry in them diluted, an unstable core which passes from one to the other in a both incessant and essential process.

Una membrana sottile quella che separa l’uomo dal luogo in cui vive.
Un interscambio costante quello che avviene tra un individuo e la città che abita.
È l’uomo a dare identità all’ambiente in cui respira o viceversa?
‘Osmosis’ narra dello scambio spontaneo e continuo in cui essere umano e luogo si definiscono reciprocamente.
Il loro essere liquidi e mutevoli rende la poesia in loro diluita, un nucleo instabile che passa da uno all’altro in un processo incessante quanto essenziale.

This video was made in Berlin – Schöneberg
directed by Isobel Blank – music by Simone Lanari
RootsMe is a cultural mapping project by Perypezye Urbane

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