21 Aprile 2024

Perypezye Urbane

If You Meet the Buddha on the Road, Kill Him!
Uccidere il Buddha quando lo si incontra significa superare il mito del maestro, il mito del guru, il mito dello psicoterapeuta; significa rinunciare al ruolo di discepolo e distruggere la speranza che qualcun altro, all’infuori di noi, possa essere il nostro padrone.
(Sheldon B. Kopp)

PERYPEZYE URBANE is an engaged and committed media collective and a cultural organization. Our mission is to foster research on both visual and performing arts. Perypezye Urbane is also a dance company expanding the idea of a performance that is not necessarily fenced in by a fixed choreography or by a closed or blocked choreographed project, but incorporating improvisation as an option. Our focus is on relieving the dance of any learned academic dance forms and of any expectations. Through this, even a sense of personal failure about not accomplishing what the dancer set out to do or not achieving a conclusive, rational assertion of an idea can be accepted: what counts for us is the complexity of dancing in all its multiple identifications.