21 Aprile 2024


December 9th, 1968: a revolution started at California University. In front of  an expert audience, Douglas C. Engelbart shows the correct use of what it would have been the mouse. At that time the name of the device was more technical: “the x-y position indicator for display”. The mouse is only the physical object which visualizes an immaterial process, the instrument by which one can catch a new point of view. The mouse allows the experience that tricks the comprehension. It allows a tactile knowledge, it shapes a barbaric physicality, it enables a perceptive immediacy that the knowledge based on the writing is no longer capable to make creative. (Luisa Valeriani)

Studio28 Dance Factory is based on a co-project approach, interested in sharing a networking philosophy and built around the idea of community-building and sustainability:  it aims to stimulate and ignite a creative networking among the artists.

Starting from an authentic passion for the world’s intelligence, consisting in the tendence to create links within a playful reformulating process-art approach, we wish to become Partners for Prosperity.

Partners for Prosperity approach: it is to listen deeply to communities that are wanting to develop in their own capacity and in their own way. It seeks to partner with them to understand the environment necessary for that development to take place and it engages participants to facilitate the creation of that environment in ways that are respectful of the capacity of the community to develop itself and to contribute back to the greater good of society.

KEYWORDS: Boundary Spanners; Boundary Spanning; Culture; Globalization; Performance; Project Networks.

We invite everyone to participate, whether you are a:
•    Business Leader who wants to develop a socially active business or are willing to contribute financially or through your resource pool
•    Volunteer who is willing to take on a development role while adopting an attitude of humble learning
•    Student who seeks to expend your energies while learning new skills, developing deeper insights and creating your own future world
•    Community member or leader wanting to celebrate and share your culture and uniqueness, while developing new capacities and sharing with us
•    Friend willing to share this message with others and you believe that we can create a prosperous world together.