15 Luglio 2024

Giovanni Sabelli Fioretti

My interest is in the diagnostics of the cultural moment, whether that is in the political, social, or creative realm. I am interested in sense, as in the sense of things, as well as in why things do or do not make sense. I am interested in the “trace” of Derrida – the almost hidden or elusive ‘mark’ that gives us the clue to whom we are.

Artistic director, Dance curator and journalist 

Founder and director of Perypezye Urbane. Journalist, curator and cultural manager, co-founder and director of all Perypezye Urbane’s projects.

15 years of professional experience in the management, project management and fundraising for cultural and social organisations mainly in Milan and Berlin.

Runs all aspects of the cultural process, directing all Perypezye Urbane’s festivals and media events.

He published a book, in 1996, Lettere a Cicciociccio.com, about an early on-line community experience.

Executive Producer of www.danceme.eu, an online and offline celebration of emerging artists and new artforms. He is deeply interested in the innovative use of technology to facilitate public engagement, in working with those on the fringe of the mainstream and in shaping a creative future.

From January  2010 he’s directing Studio28.tv, an international web tv in charge of generating, disseminating and analyzing information with the purpose of cultural policy evaluation.

Work experience

  • 2005 – now > Perypezye Urbane and Freelancer – Milan and Berlin – Cultural Manager, Dance curator, Dramaturg and journalist.
  • 2002 – 2005 > Dedalo Teatro – via Ariberto 25, Milano, Italy – Project Manager Assistant, coordinator of activities
  • 1998 – 1999 > Arci Milano – via Adige, Milano, Italy – Junior Assistant at Human Resources
  • 1997 > Cicciociccio.com – web editor and author of Lettere a Cicciociccio.com


  • Master degree in Philosophy (cum laude), University of Siena, Siena, Italy, 2005
  • Master degree in Philosophical Practice, Venice’s University, Venice, Italy, 2010
  • Master in Euro-project management, Il Sole24Ore Business Centre, Milan, Italy, 2010
  • Phd Student at Huddersfield University, with a research about dance dramaturgy and digital media.