21 Aprile 2024

Critica in MOVimento 2014 – Contest Regulations

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The terms to participate in the contest expired on 15 December 2014. Here are the winners!


Critica in Movimento

Perypezye Urbane, with the support of Regione Lombardia and Fondazione Cariplo, promotes the third edition of the contest “Critica in MOVimento“, a prize for the best critique of theater, dance or film projects realized through videos and photos.

 The video-critique and photo-critique prize can be awarded to:

1. any person over 18 years old without any distinction; the only requirement to enter the contest is having attended in person any dance or theater performance or film screening, in any context or place in the world, to later realize, individually or in groups, a video-critique or photo-critique.

2. artists and filmmakers who, having attended a show or a film screening, wish to realize a video-critique or photo-critique in a creative way, using their own artistic language.



The contest awards the best video-critique and the best photo-critique of one or more dance or theater performances or film screenings (regardless of genre), as well as the video or photo most voted by the public. Each participant may only post videos or photos of which they are the author.


2.1 Participation in the contest “Critica in MOVimento ” is free.

2.2 Participation is open to anyone. The contest will take place on the Instagram profiles of the participants where photos and videos must be uploaded accompanied by the hashtag #criticainmovimento.

2.3 Each participant can post an unlimited number of videos and photos.

Videos and photos must be uploaded to Instagram from 15 September 2014 and not later than 15 December 2014 by midnight.


3.1 The videos and photos will be evaluated in two steps:

o Public votes: by simply liking videos or photos exclusively on Instagram, anyone can vote. It will be possible to vote for more videos or photos.

o The 10 videos and 10 photos that will have received the highest number of votes by 20 December 2014 will then be judged by a jury composed of ReteCritica and a group of artists chosen for the occasion. Members of the jury are forbidden to participate in this competition, and will be excluded from the jury if they do.

3.2 The decisions of the jury are unappealable.

3.3 The authors of the 10 photos and videos selected for the final evaluation will be notified by Direct Message from the Instagram profile of Perypezye. The results of the selection will be published on the website www.studio28.tv and on the facebook page Perypezye Urbane.

3.4 The result will later be published on the website  www.studio28.tv  and on the facebook page Perypezye Urbane.


4.1 PRIZE FOR BEST VIDEO: Samsung NX2000 Digital Camera worth 600 euros








PRIZE FOR BEST PHOTO: Samsung NX1100 Digital Camera worth 300 euros







PRIZE FOR THE VIDEO OR PHOTO MOST VOTED BY THE PUBLIC: E03 MINI Home Theater Projector worth 100 euros
E03 mini proiettore










The prize will be awarded during a ceremony whose date and place will be later determined and announced.

4.2 At the end of the event the prize will be awarded to the video and the photo that will have got the best score by the jury, and the video or photo most voted by the public. The prize will be awarded in any eventuality.


The author of the video or photo declares

• that the work does not contain any content that may be libelous or offensive to the dignity of others.

• to be aware and fully informed that in case their work or parts of it do not comply in all respects with the existing above-mentioned rules, the work will be excluded from the contest.


In consideration of payment of the amount referred to in Article 4.1 of these Regulations, with the exercise of the purchase option the intellectual property and exploitation rights for the winning video and photo will be considered sold under exclusive license to Perypezye Urbane throughout the world, without time limitation. Notwithstanding the foregoing, Perypezye Urbane is committed to providing each episode of the format with a Creative Commons BY-SA 3.0 license. For information on the license adopted: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/


Any additions and / or changes to the notice will be posted promptly on the website  www.studio28.tv . For further information please write to the following address: info@perypezyeurbane.org.

Art. 8 – NOTES

The following “NOTES” form an integral part of these Regulations.




1 Competitors are not entitled to any compensation for any costs and / or expenses incurred for participating in the contest, whatever the amount.

2 For reasons of force majeure, this announcement may be modified or revoked without any possibile rights claim or pretense by those concerned.

3 The participation involves automatically:

 full acceptance of the Regulations

 consent for any reproduction of the work submitted for any type of publication, respecting the author’s right to be mentioned

 consent to the use of all personal data for promotional purposes (sending of informative, commercial material). The personal data will be processed in accordance with the provisions of Legislative Decree no. 196/03. Holder of the data processing is Associazione Culturale Perypezye Urbane, via Moretto da Brescia 27, 20133 Milan, Italy.

Supported by:

Fondazione Cariplo