21 Luglio 2019

Von e… Daniele Albanese

Abbiamo incontrato il coreografo emiliano Daniele Albanese. Con lui abbiamo parlato di Von, la sua ultima produzione, del rapporto tra arte e fisica quantistica, del pubblico italiano e di tanto altro, compresa la sua prossima produzione con la grande Eva Karczag.

Nicola Campanelli e il suo sogno berlinese

Nicola Campanelli is an Italian dancer for the company Connecting Fingersbased in Berlin. After leaving his hometown, Naples, he started to teach pilates in his gym in Görlitzer Strasse. His dream, though, was dancing and he got it pretty soon in the city of contemporary dance par excellence. It is here that he started to collaborate with international choreographers and directors, performing different plays such as Camus’ The Fall or more abstract themes as migration nowadays. While dancing, Nicola expresses himself freely and Berlin seems to be the perfect setting to do it.

Berlin Alexanderplatz

Tanz in August is one of the most important and influential Berlin summer Festival about contemporary dance: over thousand and thousands visitors speak for themselves.

Last summer Studio28 Tv interwiewed some of most interesting artists involved in the festival and the same for this summer edition.

Not only summer, Berlin has always been a place for dance maintaining its reputation as one of EU capital’s most revealing creative venue. Strange enough that Dance has found a home in the coldest, greyest, probably cruelest city in Germany. Berlin is also the coolest, most liberal, accepting city of Germany and with this video we’ve been master in capturing Berlin’s unusual, nonconformist beauty.

Tanz im August: Interview with Peeping Tom

We interviewed Franck Chartier from Belgian collective Peeping Tom over the course of Tanz im August festival, where they were present with “32 rue Vandenbranden”. One of the inspirational sources for this piece was Shohei Imamura’s The Ballad of Narayama where an old woman is taken to the top of mountain Narayama by her children, to die. Gabriela Carrizo and Franck Chartier wanted to dig into all the physiological burdens that can prevent people – even those who appear to be at total liberty to do what they want – from ever really escaping their roots, their family or their culture.
The action takes place under a wide-open sky in a mountain landscape with only rickety campers for shelter. We find ourselves in a small isolated community where the inhabitants are confronted with their loneliness. The focus in this creation lies on the internal forces that determine which turn the characters will take; their motives are being exposed and stripped of their consciousness. The borders between what happens in reality and what they believe that happens become blurred. They lose themselves in fear and remain trapped in their own isolation.