20 agosto 2017

Berlin Alexanderplatz

Tanz in August is one of the most important and influential Berlin summer Festival about contemporary dance: over thousand and thousands visitors speak for themselves.

Last summer Studio28 Tv interwiewed some of most interesting artists involved in the festival and the same for this summer edition.

Not only summer, Berlin has always been a place for dance maintaining its reputation as one of EU capital’s most revealing creative venue. Strange enough that Dance has found a home in the coldest, greyest, probably cruelest city in Germany. Berlin is also the coolest, most liberal, accepting city of Germany and with this video we’ve been master in capturing Berlin’s unusual, nonconformist beauty.

DanceMe: the game we are playing

DanceMe means DanceWe: everyone can post creative comments on www.danceme.org to help shape a live performance.
Sharing your suggestions will make the result extraordinary because we are smarter than me!


Have you seen the latest video contribution shared by artist Maruska Ronchi? Get inspired and go post your comments.

different spaces, and different times, different dimensions

fountains, waves, rivers, wholes, refuge, streams, shapes, vulcans, whisper of water, heartbeat, rain, breathing…
…the game we are playing is life


DanceMe: I am into it…you?

Everybody on www.danceme.org!
You just need to login to be part of the creative process shared by artist Maruska Ronchi.
Your comments will help shape a live performance. Don’t miss this chance!

#DanceMe #ShareCulture

Capitali Europee della Cultura: quale economia, quale modello?

“Una giornata in diretto collegamento con RavelloLab. Il modello delle capitali europee della cultura dovrebbe diventare da straordinario a ordinario” dice Claudio Bocci, direttore di Federculture, in chiusura dell’evento di Salerno. “Inoltre siamo in un periodo in cui l’Europa è considerata matrigna, invece il modello delle capitali europee della cultura ci riavvicina all’Europa”.

Il 10 dicembre 2013 si è svolta all’Università degli Studi di Salerno la conferenza europea “The European Dimension of Cultural Capitals”. Per la prima volta si sono incontrate le sei città italiane rimaste in gara per essere Capitale Europea della Cultura nel 2019. [Read more…]